Our Story

Way back when Grandpa Lee came from Italy to America. When my friends and I were young men, Grandpa stressed the importance of a clean and healthy lifestyle—through exercise and fitness. Years later, we realized that much of Grandpa’s routine was based on Dr. Woldemar Gerschler’s program of high-intensity interval training. As technology advanced, so did our company, and we utilized Grandpa’s knowledge, along with heart rate monitors, to maximize our members’ results and improve their lives.
Grandpa’s motto was,

“Stay happy, stay fit,
but most of all
stay focused.”



Established in 1998

Our company originated in 1998 and established itself as one of the best fitness centers in New England area. As times and technology changed our business has adapted and changed to bring our members the best of the best while still maintaining our roots. To keep up with the modern era we have renovated and re-branded our existing health clubs while continuing to expand to other areas.

Our Purpose

At Fit Focus, we aim to provide our members amazing fitness centers, so that members can accomplish their goals

We're Here for You 24/7

Not only are all of our facilities open 24/7 for your convenience, so is our customer service center. Our billing center is located Arkansas and can be reached anytime at 1-888-827-9262. If you have questions that related to a specific club please contact the facility directly. Contact information for the health clubs can be found on their location page.

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